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Analytical elements of traditional culture open new markets Rabbit toys

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  Historically, the focus of New Year's gifts are a lot of businesses and consumers, and thus there are many companies specifically developed for the arrival of the New Year and Lunar New Year series of toys and gifts. And because 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, it has the image of traditional cultural characteristics of rabbit toys and gifts has become a weathervane many toy manufacturers when developing new products.

  In the near future, the market also continue to emerge full of traditional cultural characteristics of toys, there is the shape of the Rabbit Zodiac necklaces, earrings, longevity lock products, such as the Lunar New Year, there are all kinds of mobile phone accessories, plush toys, etc., most of these products have a distinctive traditional culture, but also opened the Year of the Rabbit toy market prologue.

  2011 New Year's toy market is the highlight of the toy market, according to the experts predict, stocking products account for about 30% in 2011 toy sales, 2010 selling tiger toy products also increased in 2011 as the Year of the Rabbit Rabbit Toys product market competition, therefore, rabbit toys position in the New Year in the series will be self-evident.

  From now extravaganza of products, we can easily find a rabbit toy designed for mainstream or plush toys, but more to the brand with exquisite technology; example: the underwater world going round figure lovely type, as well as South Korea fans rabbit and so on. Another came from market share analysis, can predict the 2011 rabbit toy market space will be 10 billion yuan, accounting for 8%, the other zodiac toys which will be divided take about 5 percent of the market occupied by other conventional mainstream toys .

  From the entire rabbit toy market, the following categories are whole rabbit toy market basic categories: segments from the product category can be divided into: emulation type, optimized and feature three categories; category breakdown on the material can be divided into: plush, plastic, ceramic, etc.; from the product market positioning, can be divided into: gift-type high-grade classes and masses of the low class. Due to relatively cute bunny toy prototypes, and in people's minds or tame rabbit symbol, which is closer to the psychological distance with consumers to some extent, therefore, the rabbit toy appearance if on the basis of traditional culture then give humanity, even more will get the favor of consumers to some extent.

  And no matter what kind of rabbit toys, if the toy itself to reflect the beauty of the traditional culture and modern design combine to show the human rabbit soft toy basic requirements, supplemented by the mainstream plush material selection, with such characteristics of the products will share the largest market space.