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The plight of the domestic market development and plush toys solution

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  Plush toys always give people a warm feeling want to embrace this unique charm is not a substitute for other toys, so it is a child or a grown-up girl it is always a special attachment. Many well-known companies are more treat it as gifts to share and customers, with the people's standard of living, - to improve the level of cultural enrichment and improvement of living conditions, domestic plush toy industry quietly rising, according to data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics show: 2007 China plush toys sales of 5 billion yuan, and this figure will appear "rapid development" phenomenon in the next 3-5 years, with 40% annual rate! By 2010, China plush toy market spending will exceed 100 billion yuan. - Faced with such a huge consumer market, as the world's manufacturing base in China plush toy manufacturer, but why so few are willing to involve it? ?

  At present, China's plush toys, mostly three products, security risk, unhealthy, poor non-green, quality, price spread, many wholesale sales of all enterprises engaged in long-term OEM orders for production of poop and bad products, products on the market with madeinchina signs everywhere, China is the largest producer of toys, - 70% of the world's toys are from China, however, has long been used by the majority of domestic consumers to buy substandard products are being rejected abroad. The cause of this phenomenon is the persistence of the following:

  First, weak consumer awareness:

  Most consumers have been understanding of the plush toys or just stop and look at the price level, is often put in the purchase price factors in the first place, while ignoring the importance of the quality of the product itself.

  Second, foreign brands toys piracy seriously:

  Many foreign brands in the country in the eyes of consumers is already a household name, but its genuine products price is very high, some companies in order to expand its product promotion effect of reducing the cost of buying some substandard underground factories in the absence of the authorization of the production of foreign brands the product used to make gifts, - I have repeatedly visited Guangzhou, Yiwu and other large plush toys wholesale, found that most of the Disney series rough work, and is a three free products. Even many large supermarket sales of the product is substandard products.

  Third, industry and commerce, quality supervision department is not enough:

  Although in recent years the country has been promoting environmental protection, but also developed a lot of related industry standards, but few companies will go to perform in accordance with national production standards, quality improvement will increase once the cost of the product resulting from a lack of competitiveness in the market, on the other hand national industry and commerce, quality inspection departments have no strict requirements of local manufacturers or dealers may not sell substandard products.

  Fourth, the Chinese toy lack of independent brands:

  According to statistics, as of September 8, 2006 as one of the pillar industries of the eight domestic toy industry is not even a business to get Chinese Chi, as well as the title of Chinese famous trademark brand, free products, etc. This shows the lack of independent toy brands.

  In good and bad, good quality, poor, genuine, pirated mixed one, the consumer's attention was confused, resulting in the entire domestic market credibility plush toys continue to lower! Taking all these factors change in the domestic market, the current situation of plush toys should do the following:

  First, the need to integrate the strength of the manufacturers, distributors to strong hands, and guide consumer attitudes, to promote environmental protection, safety, high-quality plush toys, especially well-known enterprises in the purchase of plush toys as gifts when should consider the quality of the gift should be its own brand image echoes. Rather than perfunctory consumers;Second, the need for national industry and commerce, quality inspection departments to strengthen product market supervision and crack down on illegal products from the manufacturer to monitor sale terminals;Third, the combination of product functionality and usability in product development; expanding consumer market plush toys, plush toys, let the end consumer has not only become a favorite, it is the gift of choice for businesses to choose when.

  Fourth, establish a strong domestic own brand, authoritative quality brand products as the consumer market wizards guide the domestic consumption trend plush toys, which completely changed people's consumption concept; With the improvement of material civilization, consumer attitudes changes, plush toys from a dispensable commodity will become a necessity adults and children.