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Anime toys updated quickly grab opportunities pre-emptive

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  In recent years, animation industry as an emerging creative industries, the rapid development and growth, the government attaches great importance to and issued many preferential policies to the animation industry laid the fast lane, but also to the toy companies see business opportunities.

  July 2010, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued three departments "cartoon enterprise management approach (Trial)" notice that the animation business through certification, you can enjoy a series of preferential tax policies. Benefit from this policy, the same year in September, the first unit of the Chinese animation successfully listed Austrian flying animation in just three months after the small plates listed in the market value of the development to 6.93 billion yuan, the purchase price of 22.92 yuan, the first day of opening on rose to 42 yuan. Government support policies earlier, successful model, followed by two good news for toy companies see hope, marriage has become a toy and animation companies to explore new business model breakthrough.

  Launched in conjunction with the animation film Toy derivatives become toy hot product and market development. Animation derivatives rise in our country but in the last two years to do, but the huge commercial value of toys animation film combined with a growing emphasis on toy manufacturers, the market potential business opportunities and profits for many toy companies can not not be tempted.

  Cartoon toy market potential, but in the case of a large number of companies flocked to see who adapt faster, better, in order to come out on top, or can only come to see other people eat meat, soup own situation.

  At present, China's animation market situation is derived from a variety of toys, dazzling animation, as long as the TV being staged in the mall will be able to find relevant anime toys. And product updates fast, often synchronized cartoon toys and animation film market, and some anime toys and even pre-empt available. Therefore, to keep up with the rhythm of the animation market, seize fleeting opportunities is the key toy enterprises in the animation market earnings.

  Anime toys short life cycle animation toy companies have been facing problems of emerging fast update rate of cartoon toys cartoon toys manufacturers have even a bit overwhelmed, to be non-stop development and production, for fear late step was left behind. The core of the solution is constantly updated products according to the needs of users.

  First, we must continue to investigate the needs of users in the development and promotion should pay attention to the details. Toy companies to enter the animation market first to do market research to determine the program of cooperation with the animation, a clear direction of product development, positioning, etc. From the perspective of the company's strategy; due to popular cartoon characters can directly affect the level of popularity of late animation derivatives , and therefore for animation production, creative in-depth knowledge, you must have good ideas and the corresponding market planning and strict implementation, be possible to achieve the desired results.

  Secondly, we must actively participate in the development of animation, to update the product. To keep up with animation film animation toys footsteps, will enter the stage from the creative animation, cartoon characters involved in the design and keep up to date developments and changes in the design of toys based on the avatar. However, not all companies can make huge amounts of money on their own R & D cartoon, toy companies to find the best entry point from the source or from financing cooperation, joint development and licensing animation film derivative products market. Only the timely introduction of high consumer concern cartoon toys products in order to win from the homogenization of animation toys fierce competition.