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Love to push the door open innovation model of China's toy industry

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  Chinese toy manufacturing industry is labor-intensive industries, product form a single. Compared with the international toy giant, China's toy enterprises are small-scale, and there are traditional processing equipment, design capacity is weak, poor ability to resist risks; toy companies rely on the vast majority of samples, processing production; over 90% for OEM production methods, namely "OEM" and "OEM"; low value-added products to ordinary plastic and stuffed toys mostly in toy design and production of sophisticated marketing chain, China's toy industry is only in the low-end value-added, lack of innovation, is still heavily dependent on foreign countries to provide technical and design, because of "design flaws" passive bear business risks becoming increasingly apparent.

  2010 Love on the door Toy Culture Co., Ltd. began to develop high-tech products. A higher proportion of tech toy remote control helicopters, robots, alloy car models, games, toys, cars and other accounts is considerable. To traditional toys into high-tech enterprises to enhance value-added products is another way: In the past simple dolls, now not only the image of the cute and can sing and even dialogue with people; realistic shape flowers with light moving, no batteries can be rotated fan, solar-driven; exquisite collectible car models, early childhood toys, baby toys, educational toys. Toy Love on the door a few years ago set up his own special toy design and development team, and has always insisted on independent development, close to the high-tech products and human aspects. In recent years, love to push the door toys made rapid development, which are and always walk their own path of innovation has a major R & D relationship. Love on the door to shoulder the important mission of the Chinese toy industry, 2011 Love goalkeeper has been pushed along the road of independent research and development, his high-tech products, and the majority groups of society. Insist on doing the Chinese toy industry, the brand's first shop.